Biking routes in Ligury

1,128.9 km of some of the nicest biking tracks in Ligury have been mapped for this website, and this number is increasing!

On this site, you will find proposals of biking routes, an easy-to-operate custom bike tour planner, all with elevation profile, slope, difficulty, GPS navigation, and much more!


Plan your bike ride at Riviera dei Fiori and Riviera delle Palme, Ligury, Italy


Why Ligury?

My favorite biking location is situated between Riviera dei Fiori (Coast of the Flowers) and Riviera delle Palme (Coast of the Palm Trees), in Ligury, north-west of Italy.

I usually ride from Alassio, a coastal town and beach location situated mid-way between Sanremo and Savona. It is a beautiful region, with the Ligurian Alps overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

The surroundings are of coastal roads, hills, and mountains. Small villages, old stone bridges, castles from the High Middle Ages, magnificent churches.

Help me make this site better!

Do you ride in Ligury? Do you know nice routes to be shared with others? Please send me your GPS files to update and improve the bike tour planner. Thanks!




Happy ride!

Last updated on Nov 1, 2016.