22/06/15: Fixed issue with Google Maps

Google Maps classic has recently stopped to support the download of KML files (see note). I had to change my web pages to now use the Google Maps JavaScript API, which seems to be an acceptable workaround.




27/09/13: New climbs - Bosco di Rezzo, Colle San Bartolomeo

The Rezzo, Bosco di Rezzo climb has been added, a long but easy climb (15.5 km, 791 m ascent, 7.8% maximum). The climb starts from the industrial zone of Pieve di Teco. The climb to Colle San Bartolomeo from the same departure location has also been added (7.0 km, 375 m ascent, 11.5% maximum).


New track added


30/07/13: List of climbs from Alassio

A list of climbs, all starting from Alassio, has been added. It is accessible from the 'Routes' page, or alternatively by following this link.


New track added


18/03/12: New feature - QR codes

Now you can retrieve the tracks you personnalize using Quick Response (or 'QR') codes. QR codes are images similar to barcodes, which can be scanned by most mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, etc. The QR code contains the http address of a website and specific page of that site. After scanning it, you can access directly the page referenced by the QR code.




10/08/11: New climbs - Colle del Quazzo

The climbs from both sides to Colle del Quazzo (1098 m) have been inserted: from Calizzano (8.2 km, 458 m ascent, easier), and from Garessio (6.7 km, 507 m ascent, tougher).


New track added


10/08/11: New feature - Estimated track duration

I have added a new feature: the estimation of the track duration. This is based on a formula that takes into account the distance and the slope difficulty of the track. For each track (even custom-made tracks), the system generates a table allowing cyclists of various levels to find the estimated track duration for them.


Track duration


08/08/11: New climbs - Madonna della Guardia

A few new tracks have been inserted: the climb to Madonna della Guardia (543 m) from various locations: Villanova d'Albenga via Caso, Solva, Moglio, and San Damiano.


New track added


26/07/11: New climbs - Chiusanico-Cesio and Gavenola-Leverone

A few new tracks have been inserted: a nice climb between Pontedassio and Passo del Ginestro, passing via Gazzelli, Chiusanico, Torria, and Cesio on the side of Imperia, as well as a short 5-10% climb between Canata and Leverone, passing via Gavenola (540m).


New track added


18/07/11: New climb - Siglioli

The 6 km Vessalico-Siglioli-Cartari climb has been inserted. It is a challenging climb with a good quarter above 8% up to 11.1%.


New track added


Support for Google Maps and Google Earth

Now, you can customize your tracks and view them directly into Google Maps. If you have the Google Earth application installed on your computer, you can also view them directly into Google Earth with just one click.


Go to the Google Earth website


Explanations on using GPX files and Europoints

As I was asked how the Europoints are calculated, I have just added an explanation on the difficulty scoring at the following link.
Moreover, I have also added a section about how to use the '.gpx' files generated using this website for GPS navigation using a Garmin Edge 705 device: follow this link.


Garmin Edge 605 and 705


My observations on Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Electronic Groupset

I am fortunate to have a bike mounted with this little wonder. Want to know my observations? Follow this link.


Shimano Dura-Ace Di2


My bikes

You will find some information about my carbon bikes following this link.





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