How to use '.gpx' files for navigation with Garmin Edge 705?


With Garmin Edge 705, the '.gpx' files generated using this site can be used for navigation.

Transferring the '.gpx' file to the Garmin Edge 705:
1. Save the '.gpx' file onto your desktop.
2. Locate the '.gpx' file on your desktop and copy it.
3. Connect the Garmin device to your computer using the USB cable.
4. Open the 'Garmin' folder from the Garmin device. Inside the folder, you should find a folder named 'GPX'.
5. Open the 'GPX' folder and paste into it the file you have copied at step #2 above.
6. At this stage, you may disconnect the Garmin device (make sure you do it in a safe way).

Using the '.gpx' file for navigation with the Garmin Edge 705:
1. Press the 'menu' button.
2. Select 'Where To?' from the menu.
3. Select 'Saved Rides' from the menu.
4. Select the name of the ride you have just transferred from your computer, and choose 'Navigate'.
5. Wait for the system to calculate the navigation route (this might take one minute or more).
6. Start your ride, and enjoy the navigation!

Garmin Edge 605 and 705