Selection of routes

Most of the routes described are "loops", where you do not pass twice at the same location. I have selected a starting location, but you can, of course, configure a custom route using the same waypoints as those in the routes below, while choosing a different starting location. Alternatively, you can create a route of your own by simply selecting the waypoints, while the system will calculate its length, difficulty, etc.

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 2 hours tracks


Alassio-Testico (climbing from Stellanello)
44.2 km, 632 m, 405.9 pts   (Loop starting from Alassio and passing via Andora)
A short but nice track to discover the hinterland: you first go to Andora following the coastal road via Capo Mele, then continue up the valley to Stellanello, where the climb to Testico begins. From there, you take the very nice hilly road to San Damiano and Moglio, before the scenic descent to Alassio.


Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena (climbing from Zuccarello, descent to Toirano)
46.6 km, 753 m, 500.9 pts   (Loop starting from Albenga and passing via Borghetto Santo Spirito)
A very nice climb with a wonderful view. You start with 13 km of warm-up until Zuccarello. Then the climb starts with 2 main difficulties (the first part after Zuccarello) and the last 2.5 km from Vecersio until the summit where you will rest on the descent to Toirano and Borghetto.


Vendone, Onzo, Leverone (from Villanova d'Albenga)
51.1 km, 807 m, 513.4 pts   (Loop starting from Villanova d'Albenga)
This is a nice road that passes through little villages up the hills in a succession of short climbs and descents. From Villanova d'Albenga, you go to Coasco, where you begin an easy climb in the woods up to Bezzo. Follow the hills road until Leverone, where you go down the valley to Villanova d'Albenga.


Paravenna, Testico (climbing from Garlenda)
54.2 km, 685 m, 507.5 pts   (Loop starting from Albenga and passing via Villanova d'Albenga, Andora, Alassio)
You start with 10 km of warm-up until Garlenda, before attacking the "Paravenna" climb. The first 5 km to Paravenna are rather easy (6%), then the slope increases a bit to reach a nice hilly road between San Damiano and Testico. Then, you descent on the other side to reach the coastal road until Albenga.


 3 hours tracks


Passo del Ginestro (climbing from Andora, Stellanello, Testico)
63.7 km, 876 m, 585.5 pts   (Loop starting from Alassio and passing via Andora, Villanova d'Albenga, Albenga)
This route is famous amongst the local bikers. From this side, the climb is rather easy with only 2 short, slightly challenging parts of respectively 1.0 km (after Stellanello) and 1.5 km long (after Testico).


Passo del Ginestro (climbing from Garlenda, Casanova Lerrone)
63.7 km, 876 m, 600.0 pts   (Loop starting from Alassio and passing via Albenga, Villanova d'Albenga, Andora)
This is the same as the previous route, but taken in the opposite direction. Whereas the climb is rather easy until Vellego, things get harder on the last 4.5 km to reach the summit of "Passo del Ginestro" with several parts above 8% (totaling over 1 km).


Bardineto (climbing from Toirano, return via Zuccarello)
68.6 km, 1,067 m, 665.1 pts   (Loop starting from Albenga and passing via Borghetto Santo Spirito)
This is an easy (4-6%) 15 km climb that will bring you to 813 meters above the sea with a beautiful view over Toirano and Borghetto. Passing Bardineto, you will have another short climb (Passo di Scravaion) before a long and scenic descent to Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena and Zuccarello.


Passo del Ginestro (via Siglioli, Cesio)
66.8 km, 1,040 m, 764.1 pts   (Loop starting from Alassio and passing via Albenga, Villanova d'Albenga, Ortovero)
The 7 km climb to Siglioli and Cartari starts at Vessalico. While the first part is easy (5-8%), the last 3 km often exceed 10%. You continue until Colle San Bartolomeo and Cesio where another climb to Passo del Ginestro awaits you (2.0 km at 8.3% average) before the descent to Testico and Alassio.


 4 hours tracks


Bosco di Rezzo, Ginestro
90.6 km, 1,449 m, 930.3 pts   (Loop starting from Alassio and passing via Pieve di Teco)
A very nice track passing via Rezzo and San Bernardo di Conio, with a long but rather easy climb to Rezzo and then through the Rezzo forest to reach the summit at 1000 m.a.s.l. The road then descends to San Bernardo di Conio, climbs to Passo del Ginestro, and returns to Alassio via Testico.


Testico, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena (climbing from Stellanello, Zuccarello)
94.0 km, 1,403 m, 922.9 pts   (Loop starting from Alassio and passing via Andora, Villanova d'A., Borghetto, Albenga)
This route combines 2 famous climbs: Testico and Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena. The first climb is rather easy except perhaps the first kilometer after Stellanello. The second climb is a bit more challenging, especially the last 2.5 km from Vecersio.


 5 hours tracks


Albenga-Calizzano-Garessio-Albenga (via Scravaion, Quazzo, San Bernardo)
90.2 km, 1,798 m, 1,269.1 pts   (Starting from Albenga, then loop from Martinetto via Calizzano and Garessio)
The route of the 3 mountain passes: Scravaion from Zuccarello (819 m reached after an easy 14.1 km climb), Quazzo from Calizzano (1098 m, 7.7 km climb, 450 m ascent, slopes up to 12.5%), and San Bernardo from Garessio (958 m, 6.0 km climb, 372 m ascent, slopes up to 10.5%).


Colle di Caprauna, Colle di Nava, Mendatica (from Albenga)
103.3 km, 1,870 m, 1,326.1 pts   (Loop starting from Albenga)
The famous and challenging "Colle di Caprauna" from Albenga: almost 30 km of climb from sea-level to 1368m above sea level. After suffering to the top, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery at Colle di Nava, and the hilly road to Mendatica, before returning to Albenga.


The duration for these routes is, of course, only indicative. I assume they are correct for a 40 years old, reasonably trained, recreational cyclist, riding under normal weather conditions. In each group, the routes are sorted from the easiest to the hardest. For example, it is likely that you will need less than 2 hours to complete the Alassio-Testico route (perhaps 01:50), while you might need more than 2 hours to complete the Paravenna-Testico (perhaps 02:15).