Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Electronic Groupset


The Dura Ace Di2 electronic groupset is a little wonder. It is capable of switching gears in a fast and efficient way. It also automatically adjust the position of the front derailleur according to the position of the rear derailleur to ensure a smooth running of the chain.

In case of alignment problem, switch to the 5th gear on the rear derailleur, and just press the button on the command pad (see side picture). The system will start an auto-adjustment sequence, shifting through all gears to perfectly fine-tune the alignment.

Only one thing is missing from my previous groupset: the noise! You do not need to trim anymore to eliminate the friction noises.

I have now made over 1000 km with it, and the shifting is just perfect! The battery was charged only once, at the shop at the time of purchase, and I did not recharge it yet, but its indicator is still on solid green, which means it is still above half of its autonomy. This clearly outweight the manufacturer's indication that you can perform at least 1000 km without recharging.

To see it at work, watch this YouTube video.


I am often asked whether this electronic groupset is used by the pros. The answer is yes. For example, Oscar Freire of the team Rabobank won the Milan-Sanremo 2010 (298 km) in 6 hours 57 using the Di2 groupset. The pro-team "SKY" is exclusively equipped with Di2. Triathlon superstar Craig Alexander is also using the Di2. More and more pros are adopting this fantastic groupset.