Passo del Ginestro (via Siglioli, Cesio)


The 7 km climb to Siglioli and Cartari starts at Vessalico. While the first part is easy (5-8%), the last 3 km often exceed 10%. You continue until Colle San Bartolomeo and Cesio where another climb to Passo del Ginestro awaits you (2.0 km at 8.3% average) before the descent to Testico and Alassio.
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  Start location:  Albenga   Start altitude: 9  m  
  End location:  Albenga   End altitude: 9  m  
  Track length: 66.8  km   Total ascent: 1,040  m  
  Europoints (difficulty): 764.1  pts   Lowest altitude: 8  m  
  Maximum slope (100m): 11.8  %   Highest altitude: 680  m  
  Flat distance (<=1%): 20.1  km   Climbing dist. 2%-5%: 6.6  km  
  Climbing distance: 23.0  km   Climbing dist. 5%-8%: 5.3  km  
  Descent distance: 23.7  km   Climbing dist. >8%: 2.5  km  


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